Personal opinion about MSG91

MSG91 is an enterprise SMS Solution providing Bulk SMS, Transactional SMS API, Regional SMS, OTP Verification APIs, Promotional SMS via powerful & robust SMS Gateway throughout the globe. Start your free trial now!

  1. MSG91 was founded in 2010. Today, the company has over 5,000 customers, including Barista, NTPC, Policy Bazaar, Intuit, Razorpay, 1MG, Ixigo, Blackbuck, Mahindra, Reckitt Benckiser (RB), MakeMyTrip and others. So what did this team do that most people couldn’t in the bulk messaging industry?
  2. Multiple Operator Delivery With MSG91, the SMS reaches its targeted receiver 99 percent of the time. And that’s only because if one operator fails, MSG91 delivers it through another operator.
  3. But doesn’t every bulk SMS provider do that? Not really. When a message is not delivered by one operator, most bulk messaging providers get another operator to send the remaining messages. This means that those undelivered SMSes are never really addressed.
  4. But MSG91 has a system where receivers of previously undelivered messages also get the message from other operators.
  5. Another key USP is MSG91’s Send OTP service. This service specifically ensures the delivery of one-time-passwords (OTPs). And for every OTP that doesn’t get delivered, the users can opt for a phone call at no extra cost to the sender (in lieu of a message).
  6. MSG91 rewards startups Startups get 25,000 messages absolutely free of cost when they sign up with MSG91. This is for every month up to six months, so a startup practically gets 1.5 lakh SMSs to use. More than 1,000 startups have signed up for this service. MSG91 also wishes to give back to the community through selling cost-effective SMS plans to NGOs and has recently onboarded their first customer for this initiative – Prayas Corp, an NGO that works in the field of education and healthcare.
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