• Broad level Exam.

    Examsmania has wide user base from entire country. Here you can compete from your state & from country. for national level exams you will compete with national level competitors , likewise for state.

  • Winner prizes.

    Winners of mock exam test will receive prize from Examsmania. Prizes will be, such as merchandize (Bags,t-shirts), Examsmania cash.

  • What is Examsmania cash?

    Examsmania cash is reward received by mock test winners. You can utilize this reward to purchase products from Examsmania. You can buy Guess papers, previous year solved papers & you can fill next mock exam's fee with Exammania cash.

  • Exam papers of previous decade from all competitive exams.

    Examsmania has collected previous ten years solved papers from all competition exams such as SSC,Bank PO, railways,SSC,RPET,First grade,second grade for students to visit them and prepare for main exam.

  • Latest government vacancies:

    Examsmania provides you latest information regarding government jobs. Here you can find news,notifications, new vacancies information regarding all kind of government jobs.

  • compete and compare with entire country.

    You can compete against students from various states.You can self evaluate and prepare better for exams.

  • Why you should take part in mock test conducted by Examsmania.
  • Scholarship assistance.

    Examsmania notifies students regarding scholarship programmes from indian government, NGO's, private sectors and abroad. Examsmania will assist it's users regarding required documents and eligibility criteria. Shortly we will launch scholarship assistance program for all classes of the society.

  • Get study material on discount.

    Examsmanis will suggest best study material for students and users can purchase study material through Examsmania.

  • Admission assistance.

    It is a service Examsmania will shortly launch to assist rural and urban area students for advance studies. Students can directly approach best institutes in India for admission and Examsmania will provide you assistance for it.

  • Examsmania Quality meter.

    Examsmania is shortly going to launch a quality meter for best institutes for Government exams,best colleges, best technical institutes.

  • Exam results:

    Exam results for each and every Indian exam will soon be on Examsmania.

  • Exam assistance:

    After every mock test users will be provided analysis and suggestion from Examsmania to improve for upcoming exams.

Examsmania is an online portal where students/candidates can join and pay for any exam. They can learn how to solve questions in time boundation for which they are preparing. There are many candidates who are preparing for career oriented courses like SSC, Railways, Rs-CIT, ITI, Banks etc. But they do not know what is real online exam feeling and what is competition. So we are providing a platform where they can remove their fear and also they can win from being a topper of any exam.
Examsmania is very user friendly platform and candidate will pay only for those exams which are suitable and for which they are preparing. So after payment they can join the exam and they can see the level and competetion. Paytm, Payumoney, Debit and Credit cards will be used for payment process.
Examsmania is providing an interesting move so all candidates after the exam can see who are the top winners for any exam. Also they can easily see their own ranks among all students. The winning prize will be added to the winner's account. If there are any number of winners for any particular rank, winning amount will be distributed equally for all those guys according to their rank.
All candidates are allowed to give the paper at their own level using their own resources like PC/desktop/Mobile/Laptop ect. Examsmania neither says to come at any location nor conducts exams at their own office. This is the open idea so any user will be able to give the exam according to date and time for which candidates paid. Examsmania will decide guess papers, syllabus according to career oriented program.
For this version of the portal, the winning amount can be used to participate for other exams, but the withdrawal of the winning amount will be added in the next version of this project depend on the support of the program.
All the papers will be set according to the expert market research ideas and analysis based on a syllabus and exams that are nearly coming soon. So there are no any relations from live exams and from any institutions. Our main motto is to provide a platform to remove fear and see level of preparations. Also check your own ability by your own rank before going for any live exams. So you will have a lot of pre-opportunities to make your own confidence in week part.